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Modernismul socialist în România și Republica Moldova is a small part of the Socialist Modernism program conducted by the B.A.C.U. Association  which advocates  for the acknowledgement of certain socialist landmarks as historic monuments. We focus on neighbourhoods, buildings, monuments, parks, squares, entire districts and green areas etc. built between 1955 and 1989/1991 in the former socialist bloc (Central and Eastern Europe), in order to research, document and add them to a database (including information on their location, current condition, designers and history).

B.A.C.U. Association invites architects, urban planners, artists, activists, historians and anyone interested to contribute and help grow the platforms. Send us any information regarding neighbourhoods, buildings, monuments, parks or any other relevant architectural elements – please don’t forget to mention their address – or post them on your personal FB, Tumblr, Instagram, Twiter, etc. page using the hashtag #SOCIALISTMODERNISM

All information thus collected will be published on our website and included in an interactive map under the name of the contributor.

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